100 Thousand Whys (Animal Series) - 十万个为什么 (动物卷) 01~05

JLB Educational Technology



Ever wonder why snakes shed their skin, or what's really inside a kangaroo pouch? What gave rise to the phrase "crocodile tears", and what happens when crab loses its pincer? Your child can learn all about the wonders of the animal kingdom in this 5-book Animal series of 100 Thousand Whys 十万个为什么 (动物卷).

The series transforms dry encyclopedia knowledge into lively, interesting facts that children can easily understand. Through interactions between various characters that are illustrated through colourful comics panels, children can easily pick up interesting fun facts about animals and increase their general knowledge about the natural world.

Simply tap the pages with the Pen Pal Whizz and hear the characters' dialogue come to life through animated voice narration and dramatic sound effects!


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