Barefoot Sing-along Series

JLB Educational Technology



These vibrant picture books are lively and energetic, filled with colours, movement and sounds that practically spring from the page. Undoubtedly written to be sung aloud, the text is tuneful and catchy, creating a unique, stimulating reading experience.

The words are simple and repetitive, and the tune is rhythmic.”           - BBC Parenting

[Over in the Meadow]

Enjoy this well-loved traditional English counting song and meet all kinds of curious creatures.

[The Animal Boogie]

Deep in the Indian jungle, the children from around the world are learning to shake, swing, and stomp with all kinds of different creatures.

[Walking through the Jungle]

Look and listen for all sorts of animals as you hike through the rainforest, scale a mountain, swim across the ocean and still make it home for dinner.

[We All Go Travelling By]

Join the journey where you are introduced to noises, colours and vehicles of all descriptions from a bright red truck to a big white plance.


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