Happy Street Series

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The Happy Street series is perfect for introducing commonly-encountered situations and locations to pre-school children. Beautifully illustrated with colourful characters and settings, readers get to explore the sights and sounds of various places outside the home.

A unique key feature of this well-loved series is the fold-out 'theatre' at the back of every book, which comes with accompanying cut-out characters and items to provide a fun little 3-D corner for imaginative play.


In this book, the children visit Doctor Bones' office for a check-up and leave feeling all better!

Toy Shop

It's an exciting day at the toy shop! The children are delighted by all the colourful new toys--stuffed animals, model trains, kites, rollerskates, robots and more--that Mr Ted has brought in.

Pet Shop

In this book, pay a visit to Mr Paw's pet shop, where you can find all sorts of animals from guinea pigs to puppies and learn the basic essentials of caring for a pet.


Time for a fun excursion to the supermarket! Mrs Poppy and her kids pay a visit to Miss Apple's store to purchase some groceries. Your child will have fun spotting and naming the variety of items on the shelves. 

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