Emily Lim's Toys Series (Set of 4)

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About the author:
Emily Lim’s award-winning stories celebrate the themes of love, friendship, charity and second chances, inspired by her own journey of learning to cope with a rare voice disorder. The Tale of Rusty Horse was a 2009 Gold Medal winner at the international Moonbeam Children's Book Awards. In 2013, Emily was named Mediacorp’s Singapore Woman Award Honoree for her contribution to children’s literature, and her books have been featured in leading newspapers and magazines, including the Sunday Times, the Straits Times and Channel NewsAsia.




Prince Bear & Pauper Bear

Pauper Bear, a teddy without a mouth, longs to be loved. Meanwhile, Prince Bear only knows how to love himself. Pauper Bear’s chance finally comes when a little boy brings him home and repairs him with tender loving care. However, Prince Bear ends up in the home of a girl who forgets about him and leaves him to be chewed up by her new puppy. The two bears meet again a year later outside the toy shop where they first met. Through this chance encounter, both bears gain new perspectives on their experiences of love and friendship.





Just Teddy

A lonely teddy bear tries hard to fit in with the other toys at a toy factory. He goes to great lengths to blend in with the polar bears, pandas and penguins, almost losing his own identity in his process. When he is mistakenly left on the wrong shelf in a toy store, he encounters a little girl who senses that he is special. Together, they stumble along a wonderful path of discovery about Just Teddy’s true worth.



The Tale of Rusty Horse

An old forgotten rocking horse longs to be loved by children once again. An little fairy grants him his wish, turning him into a real horse and a crowd favourite. Sadly, the magic doesn’t last and Rusty soon turns back into a rocking horse. One day, a lonely child with a disability stumbles across Rusty Horse and finds him the perfect playmate. When the fairy returns with a spell that promises to make him popular forever, Rusty has to choose between that and his relationship with his friend. In that moment, Rusty learns that real magic lies in his power to choose what truly matters to him.



Bunny Finds the Right Stuff

Bunny, a floppy rabbit with flat feet, thinks he is missing out when he notices that the other toys are better stuffed than he is. He desperately searches for new stuffing but ends up making a big mess of himself. Grizzly, Dinosaur and Kangaroo, the other toys in the house, repeatedly come to Bunny’s rescue. They finally realise that the right stuff which they are helping Bunny to find is within them to give. They each give up some of their own stuffing and restore Bunny back to good shape.

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