About Us

What is Penpal Whizz?

Penpal Whizz is a learning tool that uses interactive audio to enhance the reading and learning experience. Simply tap the pen on a Penpal Whizz compatible book and it reads to your child, fostering a good habit to read independently! It is suitable for children as young as two years old, up until they are of primary school age.

We work with local and internationally reputable publishers like Letterland, Confucius Institute (NTU) and Cambridge University Press, creating a range of compatible books that are both educational and fun.

In this day and age, young children are more likely to entertain themselves with tablets rather than reading physical books and using their imagination. Penpal Whizz was started by a Singaporean dad, with the hope to inculcate the love for reading and learning in the next generation, by making reading an interactive experience!

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