What is Penpal Whizz

Penpal Whizz is a unique educational tool for young children. It can recite written text, reveal character dialogues within the stories and play games too! Penpal Whizz facilitates multi-modal learning when children are engaged through verbal, audio and visual cues. Choose from a wide selection of international titles to begin a fun-filled learning journey! Penpal Whizz can be used independently, in a group, or for parent & child bonding.

Benefits: Independent & Individualised Learning, Increased Focus & Attention Span, Enhance Interest in Reading, Improve Listening Skills, Learning Through Play, Children can self-correct through recording playback.

Why Penpal Whizz?

Studies have shown that multi-modal learning, compared to unimodal learning, allows one to learn more effectively. Penpal Whizz provides an additional dimension of being engaged in visual and audio learning, to traditional book reading which stimulates the tactile senses of holding a physical.

Penpal Whizz infuses conventional methods of using print materials with digital technology to emit responsive voices and sounds of any language to engage with the young learner reading the book. With Penpal Whizz, children picture books are revolutionised to allow the young reader to listen to the correction pronunciation of certain words, dialogues by the characters in the story and also, keep them focused on the story with simple games embedded within the book.

Penpal Whizz is shock resistant and ergonomically designed to allow young children to have a good grip when using it to read various children’s books. Penpal Whizz is made for children of various learning abilities as it promotes self-learning at one’s own pace and allows children to check on their pronunciation with its recording function. With 8GB of memory space, Penpal Whizz can store approximately 200 books suitable for children aged 3 and up.

Penpal Whizz and Individual Learning

Penpal Whizz facilitates independent learning in children. Fitted with the audio recordings of voice professionals reading the stories, young children will be exposed to the correct pronunciation of words of various languages from a young age. Penpal Whizz is a light-weight device specially manufactured for young children to read on-the-go and anywhere they want. In addition, the inclusion of games in all Penpal Whizz-compatible books creates a new avenue for young children to test their reading and comprehension skills. This equips them with the foundational skills and knowledge for further higher-level reading.

Penpal Whizz and Group Learning

Penpal Whizz is suitable for the classroom in Pre-schools and Kindergartens as it assists teachers in tracking the learning and development of each child. The “Read After Me” function in most of the Pen Pal Whizz- compatible books give teachers the opportunity to examine the reading skills of each child. In addition, Recording Stickers that are manufactured exclusively for Penpal Whizz adds to the overall evaluation of a child’s language and literacy skills. Teachers can record the child’s voice and evaluate after the class, or in some cases, discuss methods with the child’s parents to help improve the child’s language and literacy skills.

In addition, the installation of Penpal Whizz at reading and learning corners give children the opportunity to participate in independent learning. The “Reading Speed” function assists children in independent learning. Avid readers can select a fast reading speed to practise and hone their reading skills, while emergent readers can select the slow reading speed to gradually build their confidence in reading.

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