Life Stories Series (Books 1~4) 生命的故事系列

JLB Educational Technology



Publisher: JLB
Softcover | Bundle of 4 | 22.5cm by 23.5cm



Book 1: 为什么我是男孩 Why am I a boy?
Book 2: 为什么我是女孩 Why am I a girl?
Book 3: 我从哪里来 Where did I come from?
Book 4: 爸爸的一半和妈妈的一半 Daddy + Mummy = Me

This series is an excellent resource for introductory sex education suitable for young children. Its richly-coloured, child-friendly illustrations and clear, directed text explain the mysteries of gender and growth while integrating important life lessons on character building, self-worth, and developing a sense of responsibility.

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