Magical Pin Yin (Books 1 & 2) - 魔法拼音(上/下)

JLB Educational Technology



Publisher: JLB Publishing
Softcover | Bundle of 2 | 26cm by 18.5cm

Magical Pinyin is a series of two books aimed at helping children to pick up the basic foundations of Chinese phonetics (Hanyu Pinyin) within a short period of time. It contains many useful examples and catchy rhymes to reinforce learning.

Tapping on the books with the Pen Pal Whizz delivers perfect pronunciation recordings of each phonetic letter. Interactive exercises are also incorporated into the books to heighten the learning experience, making it more fun for kids!

The first book focuses on basic Chinese phonetic sounds (单韵母与声母) while the second book covers more advanced constructions such as -ing and -ao.

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