Travels of Little Rice Grass

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Long, long ago, there was a little grass plant. Born in the marshes along a river, the wild grass began to travel with early humans. It crossed rivers and mountains and visited many lands. It grew wherever humans lived and had many adventures. It is loved by all – it is RICE!

This is a story of how the wild rice grass became a cultivated plant, feeding millions in today's hungry world.

This is part of a series:
- Travels of Little Rice Grass
- Travels of Little Tea Leaves
- Travels of Little Silk

About the author:
ANUPA ROY is an Asian in love with her rice and tea. When she is not reading or being a mother and wife, she writes on — what else — rice and tea! And about people like the San Bushmen and Eskimos whom she envies. The rest of the time she spends travelling and pottering around libraries, getting information for other serious stuff she writes, like architecture and history.

About the Illustrator:
CHENG PUAY KOON first picked up a brush and painted faces and costumes from Chinese opera when she was 10. Today, she is one of Singapore’s much sought-after illustrators. Years of training in various newsrooms make the mother of two adept at working amidst the constant mayhem created by her little girls. She thinks drawing for children is the most fun job ever and hopes that they enjoy the illustrations as much as she enjoys making them.

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