BLEAGH! A book about values (Books 1~3)

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BLEAGH! A book about values
It’s BLEAGH’s first day at school. Like the other students in his class, BLEAGH is bright and precocious, but there’s one big difference between them... he’s a MONSTER! How will the other children react to him? Will BLEAGH be able to learn important values and make new friends?

In today's global era, it is increasingly common to interact with people from diverse cultural, religious, racial and familial backgrounds. The story of BLEAGH! is a wonderful educational tool for explain to young ones the value of tolerance and inclusiveness, which will definitely serve them well as global citizens.

BLEAGH and BLEEP! A second book about values
After his first successful day at school, BLEAGH returns home eager to share his new experiences. But someone gets in his way… BLEEP, his baby sister! BLEAGH learns to put the needs of his loved ones before himself, and the siblings team up to become an unstoppable learning force, sharing a fruitful day of homework, fun and exploration.

BLEAGH and BLEEP! A second book about values is the highly-anticipated sequel to BLEAGH! A deeply relatable story to any child who has had to learn to balance his or her own interests with those of a sibling or friend, BLEAGH and BLEEP! A second book about values teaches children important lessons about getting along with and showing love to those around them.

BLEAGH, BLEEP and BAXTER! A third book about values
BLEAGH & BLEEP adopt a puppy named BAXTER! Can they handle the responsibility of caring for a cheeky little pup?

BLEAGH, BLEEP and BAXTER! A third book about values introduces children to the challenges of being responsible for a pet. Join BLEAGH, BLEEP and BAXTER as they learn to take care of one another. BLEAGH, BLEEP and BAXTER! A third book about values is the latest book in the "Values" trilogy, which follows the monster BLEAGH as he learns important lessons about life and friendship.

About the author:
Leana Lyn Doray is a trained educator, having obtained a double degree in Arts and Education at the University of Sydney. Serendipity led her to teach in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme in Singapore for four years, where she discovered her love for reading to young children and providing a holistic education above and beyond basic academia. BLEAGH! A book about values is Leana’s first book, borne from almost a decade of educating (and being educated by) curious young minds.


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