Clavis Toddler: Daily Life Series

JLB Educational Technology


The Clavis Toddler: Daily Life Series provides simple, colourful introductions to the routines of day-to-day life. Written and illustrated by Liesbet Slegers in her signature bold and cheerful style, these books perfect for young ones up to 24 months old who are just beginning to discover themselves and the world around them. Each sturdy board book covers a familiar and relevant theme, from the steps of taking a bath to the different sights and sounds of everyday life.

Now, with the aid of the Pen Pal Whizz, toddlers can listen to the narration and sound effects - enabling a whole new reading experience which engages not only their their sense of sight but also touch and hearing.

From filling the tub with water, using a washcloth, and shampooing hair to playing with a boat and drying with a towel, all the fun of taking a bath is depicted in this board book that explores the daily ritual of washing.

A ticking clock, a ringing telephone, a chirping bird, a roaring vacuum cleaner, and a blaring siren are some of the noisy subjects described in this in this book for curious toddlers. Some of the sounds are funny and familiar, novel and delightful, or loud and startling; but all will delight rapt youngsters who are "all ears." 

A furry kitten, a colorful fish, a playful sister, and loving parents are the embodiment of friendship and affection in the pages of this colourful book. But the best friend of all is a cuddly toy at bedtime. Brimming with bright illustrations, this lovely board book celebrates happy moments and comforting emotions.

Pushing a toy car, kicking a ball, stacking blocks, playing a drum, and reading a book are just some of the ways a baby plays. With bright colors, simple shapes, and straight forward language, this board book explores the toys and fun activities in a child's daily life, while also enriching vocabulary and stimulating language development

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